I’m going out. Do de do de dooo


Very very quickly! I AM going OUT tonight!!!! Yay!!! Can’t wait… Back to the blog hehe. Quick one tonight and I will write tomorrow! I’ve been having lots of issues with J! Kicking and punching me! I’ve been on top of the discipline straight away everytime and he never had these outbursts before, so the only thing I can think of I’d golden syrup or maple syrup! I’m going to try a week without them and see how we go! Boys are out I have to go! Tomorrow! I promise…


Last week!


So I’m sitting in the car waiting for the boys to finish their Tai Kwon Do, when I realized I haven’t uploaded last weeks stuff I’d written! I will do now and then hopefully catch up ASAP!
I was so happy today! I thought yay we have finally hit baseline!! The kids behavior has been wonderful, every one is noticing the difference in the way they talk, treat each other and their general behavior! It has been lovely, and I’m sooo very proud of them!! Until… Tonight!! J lost the plot totally!! He was screaming at me,I put him in time out, and he started kicking me and then started punching me really hard. At first I tried to ignore it, don’t give it any attention and there won’t be a pay off for him. But then he got harder and it really hurt, so I turned around and I took him calmly by the hands, went down to his level and told him sternly that it is not appropriate to hit me or anyone ever! He got even worse so I took him out of time out and gently lead him to his room, told him he can lie down on his bed and have some quiet time. Problem being of course that I cannot leave the room as he screams that he is scared… So I just stood at the door, with my back turned and waited 5 min. After about 2 min he starts crying about how he doesn’t deserve anything as he has been so naughty and I should take away his poster, trophy and not let him go to tai Kwon do! Now reading this after its all settled down, I probably should have taken him up on his punishment! But he started saying how bad he is and he is a naughty bad child. I’ve never told my kids that they are bad or naughty, I’ve always phrased it that they occasionally have naughty behavior. Then he says he is bad that I should just throw him in the rubbish! Don’t worry that came from the movie cloudy uh a chance of meatballs… I was horrified the first time he said it, but then worked out where it was from, phew! So my angel, my fantastic hardly ever naughty boy just hit and hit and hit me! What is going on! My mum and dad had them recently and as hard as dad tries he hasnt got the jist of the diet yet and gave him Kettle chips, which is fine except they were lime and black pepper flavour!! Also he was given a yummy yummy ham sandwich! Sooo great! Start again! He didn’t know though and hey were wonderful to look after the kids.!

I think I failed to mention…


I think I failed to mention…that I am also a full time uni student!! Last semester I admitted defeat and halfway through the semester packed up my books and let myself fail. I’m really glad I did, because my kids were suffering, stressed out mum who spends know time with her kids etc. So this semester I am only going to undertake 2 units and see how I go… I mean you have all seen my house from last nights blog, as if i need anything else to take up my time! I threw myself into uni when my Da (grandfather) died from cancer a few years ago. My Da had been my dad my whole life and is the only man that never let me down. My Nana and he had lived with us for the past year and half, so we had him with us through chemo, remission etc. He was everything to me, and since I was a little girl I always thought the day my Da dies is the day I die too. But then… Kids come along dont they! So I was able to get up the day he left and carry on with this thing called life. I think it was a month after he left that I found myself enrolled in uni and studing my butt off to get the best grades I could. But slowly things have started falling apart, and each semester I find myself begging for extensions on my assignments due to another major event that has happened in my life! So it has been hard, very hard, too hard really, but this semester I am going to kick butt… Dont ask me how, but I think it may have something to do with being super organised and super strong and having to say NO, Im sorry but I cant do that for you today.

So I jumped up this morning, only had the twins. They got themselves ready and did super well. I used some of the techniques I have been reading in the book “Have a New Child by Friday”. Saying things once and walking away… Amazingly it worked! Also “you don’t get that, till you have done this”, and yep that worked too. They were super good this morning! So I’m wondering if maybe I’m not making mistakes on the diet and my kids just sometimes get annoyed at each other and need some space! Other than Jais aggressiveness of course.

So today I had enrolled in uni for the semester, cooked dinner, and cleaned my room before 10am. Yay, was so proud of myself! You guys were my inspiration really! I want to post some pics of my beautiful house instead of my clutter one. Like I said to my mate today, “Our kids don’t need all the toys, they just want to spend time with us but we are too busy cleaning all the toys and extra clutter to have time to play with them.” I can now see why people leave everything behind! For dinner I cooked chicken noodle stew from the cookbook, but didn’t look at the recipe so guessed everything that was in it, but didn’t have a whole chicken as I accidentally left it on the bench all night…. agghhhh $10 down the drain. All I had was some chicken drummies I had already cooked and some chicken breasts. Nope they were not enough, just not enough chicken flavor in it. But princess loved it and downed it. Twinies loved the garlic bread I made to go with it, so good they ate something. So frustrating when it takes me all day to cook stuff and then they refuse to eat it!


So great day today… I hope you all had one too! Chat soon xo

Will the mistakes never end??


Ughhh Im so tired of all the crap! Tired of the arguments, the annoying whining of the word Muuuuuuuuuuuummmmm, the constant having to prove each other wrong, and just the loudness of their voices! This is one tired fed up mumma! My house is an absolute pigsty, Ive had enough of it. Im going to post a photo of the crap in my house.

The stress in my life!

I clear this every day, turn around and those bloody clutter faeries have paid another visit…

I really just want to hire a pink bin, get them to pick it up the same arvo, and chuck everything I own bar the furniture into it. Seriously can I do that?? You should see my bedroom. There are clothes all over my floor, and guess what… NONE of them even fit me!! So why are they in there!

I must be doing something wrong still on the diet, cause my big boy J is still as aggressive as ever, but in saying that he is being so sweet, and complitive (if that’s a word?) at the same time. The twins just argue and argue and get louder and louder. Munchie is being sooo loud, where it is usually JuJu. But we are conquering bedtime, so there has been improvement! I went to the GoVita again and told the naturapath JuJus behaviour at night, the full on high at bed time, and can’t calm down, the waking and screaming in the night that he wont tell me whats wrong, and the constant fidgeting during his sleep. The naturapath told me about a deficiency that can leave you unable to calm down, and have really bad sleep patterns so she told me to put him on Activated B6. She reckons I should only need to have him on it for around 4 months then hopefully never again. So he has been on it nearly a week, and I have definitely noticed a difference. No more screaming in the middle of the night, and he goes to bed without even asking for my iphone anymore. Sometimes he is asking me to stay in there for 2 min but that’s it. So fingers crossed and I pray I havent jinxed myself!

Had to cancel the nautropath who was awesome as my doc wouldnt give me referal for her for the kids, said that they have to be diagnosed with an actual chronic disease first, eg Adhd, then have 2 care people looking after them, so who else would I use other than a natraupath? Gave me a care plan for myself to go, but then I have to pay another $95 for myself. I still reckon this is wrong though, I will have to check again.

I started my behaviour diary with the kids and as long as i remember or get the chance to write in it, then it has been interesting to go through all the little details of the day. Will start posting it on here soon, and my food diary, because I really need to work out where I am stuffing up. Read all the safe foods I was given from our first dietician visit last night. Today Nan gave Munchie some raw sugar, aghhhh I read that is a big no no last night… Man, cant do much about those little slip ups but when am I going to get my 5 days straight to start a challenge??

Will let you know how I go, and will write properly again soon…. And here is something for all you lovely ladies out there, to keep you going this week. Cannot wait to see this…

Wish I could make one of these in a thermomix!!

Screw ups!!!


So sorry I haven’t written lately everyone! Household has been pretty full on! When isn’t it really!! Had a garage sale to get ready for, and everything has been a little slower due to my ouchie back! I am sooooo over the diet and would love to give up right now! Now when I say over it, I’m just over the cooking I guess, not being able to just run to maccas and pick something up. I need to do a heap of precooking and I guess now that the garage sale s finished I can start doing that! Well actually,there is my plan for tomorrow.
So had the garage sale and made nearly $400! Not bad for 8 hrs work!! Mum and my nana had the kids so that worked well, but at drop off time I realized that I had no dinner for them! Great… So there is me rushing around stressing out trying to come up with something, so it ended up being toast again…. Oh crap, that reminds me, what’s for dinner tonight??? Porridge! My kids love porridge.
Behavior OMG behavior, when I picked them up from daycare 20 min ago, I wanted to go and send j to live with his father! I slipped up with his diet the other night! We left late to get to Seaworld and we hadnt had lunch. I remembered reading somewhere that occasionally they can have chips with no seasoning… So silly as mum drives through kfc! Jai is in the back saying are u sure im allowed this mum? Yes your fine. So i would like to know then why i screwed up evenmore and got him a chicken snackwrqp at the same meal! WHY! So i have noticed that js behaviour has been very very cranky and abusive ect. When i dropped him off at daycare this morn i had to go out and come back in. When i came back they were saying to me”wow what did j have for breakfast” and there was j running round and round in circles, loud as! I confesed that I hadn’t stuck to the diet and that was the result. That’s what happens when I don’t stick to it! I was glad daycare had noticed also! It has all calmed down right now though. They are in tai Kwon do while I sit in the car and pretend not to be here. We have started doing it that way as the twins play up and keep coming out when I’m there. I love watching them though so it kinda makes me sad! I get half my weekly smiles from tai Kwon do night! So I was thinking about it during the week that maybe their behavior is way better and it was just cause we were still learning the new dicipline technique. Triple p! Pretty good. I had been using super nannies naught corner but I’m always to inconsistent! I need to ontop of everything else start a behavior diary! This morning was dreadful! I ended up telling them they were not to speak to each other anymore! It was constant arguing! Agghhhh I dropped them at daycare and breathed the biggest sigh of relief!
So I guess for this week I will start a behavior chart, post up the house rules and, precook a heap of meals andstick to the diet!! I’m also going to book a thermomix party!!!

Good luck on all your adventures called life and I will write again soon! Wish me luck! I’m going to need it!

Hmm Bad Behaviour!


Well hello there everyone! Long time no post!

My baby girl Princess’s birthday yesterday! She is a big 2 year old now. I got her a performer girl cabbage patch kid which she has not let go of since I gave it to her, so cute.  Kind off sad that she is 2 cause I had my tubes tied in my last caesar so she is my last baby!

Princess and Kaila

I just have to say that im currently eating the chicken noodle stew from Sue Dengates Failsafe cookbook, and YUMMMMMMY! I did add some garlic and some more salt, but wow I don’t usually eat this sort of thing, and I must admit I am a massive fan! Now to try it on the boys tomorrow!

Chicken Noodle Stew! Doesn’t look great but tastes fantastic!

The kids behavior has been atrocious!! Their behavior, hmm all I can say is I pray this is just withdrawals and that it well end soon. I am kidding myself though because their behavior has been worse for around 5 days now… J has been really aggressive, JuJu lots and lots of name calling to me, and Munchie has been very defiant, bullying and spitting. When I say spitting I should really say blowing raspberries. Actually writing about it now I’m starting to think that maybe the off behavior could be the results from when I was in hospital last Sunday. They were fed fish and chips, the wrong bread, and the wrong sausages.  So I guess all of that could have contributed. They also started to eat a lot of yoghurt with maple syrup in it, but when I saw the dietician the other day she advised we can no longer have yogurt as they have found even the failsafe ones contain too many amines in it(I hope it was amines she said and not something else!).

My dietician is awesome by the way, she is soooo cluey on all the failsafe diet and is in the list that Sue hands out when emailed. I will put her details on here cause she said she would love me too. She is very supportive and just one of those generally lovely people.


I have been attending Triple P and it has been awesome, really really good info… Lovely people and great sharing. I’m going to miss it when its finished but have already made some lovely friends. I really advise all parents do it… Great overview of small simple things that sometimes we just need a little reminding of.

So back to the kids behaviour, man im soooo over it, and tired. So that is I guess the main reason I havent blogged, and I’ve been trying to get ready for a garage sale!! They were a bit better today, but like I said above J has been so aggressive! I had to pull him of his brother yesterday cause he w

as pinching JuJu on the face! This behaviour is so unlike J and is really upsetting me! In the first week of the diet, I had my J back, but today again, he looked and sounded like a different boy. Agghhh what am I doing wrong??? I being very vigilant on what they are eating, but there is either something im doing wrong I think or those kids are sneaking food. So this morning I said to J, “have you been eating something at school you shouldnt have at school?” he answered straight away”Yes, a child(wont name him on here) has been giving me an iceblock at lunch”. So that could also be the problem, but would all this behaviour be from one iceblock?

My ex swapped them from rice milk to A2 milk while I was in hospital, could it be that? I really don’t want to completely cut dairy out if don’t have to but I guess I will give them another week and see how we go. If their behaviour doesn’t improve then I will go dairy free… but I’m going to need a lot of support from you all and recipes to go over pasta ect.

I now have to try to get all the twins food to daycare at the start of the week instead of bringing it in daily, as their menu sometimes has to change depending what is going on in the centre, eg photo day. So that is going to make the diet more difficult in one way, but easier in the way that I wont have to stress everyday on getting their food in on time.

So I will leave you a

ll now and if anyone has any advise on what I could be doing wrong, please offer support.. I will stick my fortnight menu, which is all out of the failsafe cookbook, on here so you can check it out… Fun planning that thing, not!

Thank you all for being so supportive and I hope you are all going well on your journey.

Ohhh and I’m getting lapband surgery hypnotherapy( so I will just think ive had the surgery) in the next couple of weeks, can’t wait!

I said to my mate how funny it would be if I actually thought I was in pain from the surgery ect! She will have to pretend with me, Hehe

Lady Gaga was awesome!!!! Fantastic concert and if you can still get tickets make sure you splurge on yourself! definitely worth it!

Have a great night/day and I’ll blog again soon!

Yummy Garlic Chicken… All Mine!


I really need to start writing every day.  Not easy to remember everything after a few days.

Since last time we caught up I have actually noticed a change in the kids! The other night I made dinner, served it on their little table, and this is where the trouble usually starts… “I don’t like that”, “theres green stuff in there” “That tastes disgusting” all while the table is being kicked, children are jumping up and down and the food literally goes cold and goes to waste! But, on this night, all 4 kids sat down, picked up their forks and ate! Not a word! Their dad was here and both of us just stared. What is going on?? No screaming JuJu, J and Munchie, amazing. So the next day I really started watching the kids to see if I could notice any other changes, and guess what… No fighting! There really hasn’t been hardly any fighting. Of course there is the occasional whinge, but that’s it. I haven’t had to break up and referee any full on fights. Wow if this is just the start of what the diet can do, bring it on.  There hasn’t been any pushing, yelling or hitting each other. It really has been lovely being around my kids. Their loud voices have not really gone down yet though. I have been practicing really hard at keeping my voice calm and quiet at all times. The neighbours must think we are not here. I attended my first Triple P Parenting Class on Wed and it was really good. They gave me some really good ideas. For instance Munchie keeps asking every day if he can please mop. I have to keep saying no as everyone will slip over especially princess.  I brought this up in class and they suggested that I say “That would be wonderful; I really need you to mop the bathroom or toilet”. So that’s what I did and I had an extremely happy Munchie. Just a simple thing like that has saved him from having a half hour tantrum. So I have both the diet and the course helping. I am making sure I am giving lots and lots of praise also for their fantastic ‘listening ears’ and ‘doing hands and feet’. They really have been wonderful children.

Princess enjoying her noodles before failsafe

Last night my awesome parents had Princess, Munchie and JuJu overnight and there were no complaints, other than Princess who was awake till 9:30pm, then awake again at 10:45pm, then from 3am till 5am then awake again at 7am thanks to JuJu. So guess who is in bed already, Princess, Mum and Dad. J and I were lucky enough to spend the whole arvo, night and morning just us, and all we did was play Wii Harry Potter, oh and the odd spot of well needed cleaning. J had been complaining from about lunch onwards of a cold head, and I had noticed he was looking quite pale. After Mum dropped of the kids J started looking really unwell and really pale. Then around 30min later he got really hot and laid down on the couch, closed his eyes and said he felt sick all over. Munchie has complained of similar symptoms but is ok at the moment. I’m wondering if it could be the withdrawals. About a year ago I was changing my anti-depressant medication and was told by my doctor to cut my tablets in half for 2 days, and then go without any for a week… Clearly the wrong way to do it as I was soooooooooooo sick. I felt like I was coming down with a flu, then started vomiting and it was the sickest I can remember being, full on drug withdrawals. So I was wondering if maybe the withdrawals of all the crap food were having a similar effect on J and Munchie. I really hope it is that and not them getting sick.

Meanwhile I’m finding it hard to eat anything. I’m so used to just getting the kids anything for dinner and then just chucking in some noodles or something like that for me later. Whereas now I’m having trouble because I’m cooking the kids lots of things with eggs, and I can’t eat eggs. For instance tonight’s dinner was chicken noodle frittata, (not that they ate it! Yep back to that.) And I cannot eat that. So now I’m sitting here fully exhausted and facing the fact that I can’t just grab something easy out of the cupboard but that I’m going to have to cook something. So my plan for this week is to try and keep eggs to lunches for the kids and dinners something we can all eat.

Oh last night I made J and I the Chicken parcels from the Failsafe Cookbook, and they were so yummy. My books are looking worse for wear which is great. Shows that I’m using them a lot.

So I guess we will see how tomorrow goes… Still waiting for the cranky day to come, not looking forward to that. But I’m not sure if we will have to wait another week and bit as we have been using the wrong woollies bread. I don’t have enough money to replace all the bread I already bought till Wed though, so may have to wait another 2 weeks for the full effects of the diet to show.

I saw someone’s comment on Sue Dengate Failsafe Facebook page, saying her cookbook should be called 1001 way to cook Pears. Love it, and totally agree! I’m using pear in everything and loving it and so are the kids. They are constantly asking for more pears please mummy. So surprising really.

And I guess I should confess my naughty for the fortnight, I ate, get ready for it… A tin of Condensed Milk with a spoon. Woops, but hmmm soo yum… Bet your craving it right now aren’t you, hehe!

I just whipped myself up a the best garlic chicken and rice dinner I have ever made using all failsafe ingredients in less than 10 min, so really Pen stop the whinging, its just about getting of my lazy butt! Time to eat, have a good night.

Xo to all